How many times can you bounce a ball on your head?
There’s always a slight change in the air when the FIFA World Cup approaches. The anticipation, the excitement and the competitive spirit. So when Kingfisher asked us to create an application the compliments the feeling, we created the highly engaging ‘Heads Up’. With a single click functionality, gamers had to bounce a ball off their head as many times possible, giving them their final score which could then be compared to the score of their compadres. And just to enhance the competitive attitude, one player could challenge another in a battle for the highest score.

Social ads, contests and an easy-to-use reporting tool supported our final results. Plus, by also creating a desktop version (Adobe AIR) of the game, we connected leader board database so users could submit and compare scores on their desktops.

And what we achieved was a reception of 62,736 users (and counting), a highly viral application, and a functionality that works perfectly as a stress buster.
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