How do you humanize a brand?
Recruitment Factory is a new recruitment portal to launch, creating opportunities in the world of franchises. As one of our first adventures of defining and creating a brand’s identity, we were given the challenge of developing an integrated communication pathway, with a route that would establish the relation between concept, communication tone with that of the brand and its objectives. It also had to be scalable to enable adaptation, to fit different media formats, in different markets.

Plus, there was the added factor of competition from the likes of Naukri and Monster. Our solution thereby, lay in humanizing the brand. The brand name, Recruitment Factory, was functional and literal in nature. So we developed a character by seeking to identify with each target profile. By helping the brand engage the key qualifications of Global, Local and Quality, we based our thought of ‘what’s in it for them’. That resulted in the brand identity ‘MADE FOR YOU’, creating the emotional value for each audience.